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Our Leaders

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Tiffany "T.Barb" Barber, M.B.A.


Tiffany Barber, affectionately known as "T.Barb" grew up in the rough streets of Detroit. Battling familial drug addiction and mental illness, Tiffany went to college determined to change the generational incarceration that flourished in her family. She worked with the State of Michigan, Oakland County and The Children's Center in Foster Care, Protective and Children's Services. After a 14-year career she left Social Work to pursue her dreams in entertainment, but never lost her need to help others. After leaving her position she wanted to continue giving back and started feeding the homeless, which led to the inception of T.Barb and Friends.

Yolanda Johnson, M.S., LLPC

Board Delegate

Yolanda Johnson is an Adult Services Investigator, Community Activist and member of the Illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Rooted in faith Ms. Johnson has been serving the community for over 20 years with a focus on vulnerable adults and children. Her love of people, philanthropy and integrity drive her to keep T.Barb and Friends successful with helping others. Yolanda is dedicated to ensuring she leaves a lasting positive impact on society at large.

Jacqueline Flewellyn, M.S., LLPC


Jacqueline Flewellyn is a Mental Health Therapist, retired Social Worker, Entrepreneur and Community Activist. After over 20 years of serving the community, she left the State of Michigan to expand her mental health career. As a loving person she is dedicated to the less fortunate. Ms. Flewellyn has made serving her mission and feeds metro Detroit homeless up to 4 times a week in addition to her work with T.Barb and Friends.

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